Area Developer

Jane Whitehorn


Jane answered a call for helpers to set up a new ‘group for mums’ when her first baby was 4 months old. “I was just beginning to adjust to my new role as a mum when I first heard about MOPS.  I had worked as a nurse with an erratic shift pattern and was frustrated that I could never commit to serving at church.  During my maternity leave and then after returning to part time work the opportunity to get involved in a ministry full of God’s love reaching out to encourage and equip mums in my community came with an awesome sense of freedom at being able to say YES!  I can help.  What took me completely by surprise was all that I gained personally as a woman and a mum from becoming involved and how it has grown me in so many ways.  It was a delight to work alongside mums of preschoolers to create a really special group for mums of preschoolers in our local area! I have made some of my best friends through my involvement in MOPS and would love every mum to have the opportunity to attend a MOPS group.”

After helping out with the running of her local group for 6 years Jane volunteered be a Community Coach for MOPS International in 2012. “In my role as CC it was a privilege to come alongside MOPS leaders to encourage and equip them in their roles, just as they are doing for the Mums in their groups.” In 2015 she became a MOPS area developer to develop MOPS nationally “I have found myself learning new skills, meeting amazing people and visiting places beyond any of my expectations!  Most importantly my faith and trust in God has grown and I love to see Him at work through this ministry.”