Community Coaches

Isla Monk – England and Wales

Isla came on board as the Community Coach for England in 2017 (despite being Scottish!). Isla explains:

“My MOPS journey began soon after moving to Cambridge, when a new group started in our area. My elder two were at school, and we couldn’t find any nursery spaces for my youngest, then aged 2 ½, but she, fiercely independent and ready to ‘go it alone’ loved MOPPETS as much as I enjoyed MOPS- we both really appreciated having time out of the house and space to get  know people and make friends.
I’ve made such good friends through MOPS and love the way it facilitates connection & good relationships within communities between mums of different ages, interests and backgrounds. I love the mixture of activities, learning new things, being creative, having fun (we often play games & laugh lots), encouraging growth and development, inspiring hope and space to discover strength for living and greater knowledge and understanding of God’s love, plans and purposes.

I started off simply joining in with this just-starting group in late 2013, but was soon invited to co-ordinate the people & refreshments (cakes!) – it was too good to miss. It wasn’t long before I was encouraged to consider co-ordinating the group, as the fantastic woman who had initially pulled the team and group together moved on, and I’ve done this for three years.

Having worked in HR I’m passionate about seeing people recognise their gifts and talents, develop skills and realise their God given and natural potential. MOPS provides resources, space and opportunities for women to develop leadership skills. Cambridge is a dynamic, diverse City with a mobile population – students, individuals & families come to study, work and then move on. The first thing many mums ask when they tell me they’re moving house is ‘Will there be a MOPS group in … (new destination)?’ I decided to explore becoming a coach to help encourage and equip leaders & mums within existing groups, and help to establish more groups to reach and impact more women, families and communities within the UK. I’m learning such a lot through helping with MOPS.”

Catriona Anderson – Scotland

Catriona pic

I am mum of 4 boys. My eldest Jamie has not longed moved out to his own place and the younger 3 are still at home. I have a couple of part-time jobs – I do finance, admin and events planning for my church and presbytery and I also work as a learning assistant for children with additional support needs. When I’m not working or ferrying my boys to all their activities, I love getting out and about with my husband and the kids enjoying our fabulous surroundings, keeping fit, socialising with friends, travelling and reading.

I first heard about MOPS in 2012 when I was looking for ways to develop our church for the 20-45 age group. A friend who attended MOPS at Night in Edinburgh mentioned it to me and so I met with Jane Whitehorn (who was Community Coach for Scotland) to find out more. I realised that MOPS was just what I was looking for – a way to develop and grow the women in my church into leadership positions and a way to reach out into our community and provide mums with just what they need. We started our group after Easter 2013 and it has grown gradually ever since. I realised very quickly that although I gave a lot of my time and energy to MOPS I always got more out than I put in and I know that all my leaders feel the same way. I have just handed over the Coordinator position of our morning group and started our own MOPS at Night group, as well as taking on the role of Community Coach for Scotland. Yes I do like to keep busy! I am delighted to have been invited to apply for this role and I can’t wait to start spreading my passion for MOPS across Scotland!


Emma Dawson – Ireland