MOPS and Ministry

Mission Statement

MOPS International exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.


What makes MOPS outreach special?

At MOPS, Christian faith is lived out through relationships that develop in an open accepting environment. These relationships provide an opportunity to communicate the hope of Jesus Christ.  MOPS believes that through meeting the needs of woman, we demonstrate Jesus’ love in the following ways:

  • Meeting mums where they are at and encouraging them through this stage in their life
  • Exploring issues which are relevant to mothers of preschoolers
  • Sharing faith through actions and lifestyle

How can MOPS impact a church?

Mums who normally wouldn’t go to church will often join a MOPS group. Their need for practical help and spiritual hope gives the church an opportunity to minister long-term to mums and their families.

MOPS leaders have an opportunity to be equipped through leadership training events and resources.  Many MOPS leaders say they have grown from the leadership training they received from MOPS.  These women are often able to go on to serve in other leadership positions in their churches.

How can MOPS make a difference?

Without question MOPS is one of the most effective ways of demonstrating the love and compassion of God in action.

Not surprisingly therefore it is also a gateway through which young mums in our community are coming to Jesus Christ.

The life and blessing of God rests upon this ministry in an astonishing and very beautiful way.”

Kenny Borthwick (Church of Scotland Minister)

MOPS has been a way for us as a church to begin building a bridge, with the gospel,
back into our community. MOPS is a part of God’s call for us to be a blessing in our local
area, and I recommend it to you because the support we have received from other MOPS
leaders has been great.As one MOPS leader told us, ‘Just do it!’

Rev Kyle Hanlon (Church of Ireland)

Some quotes from Mums who have attended MOPS UK:

“I’m a more outgoing person – MOPS has helped me with my relationship with my children and husband”

“MOPS has made me more confident in myself and stronger as a mum”

“MOPS can change your life positively forever”

“I love MOPS – really look forward to coming – its so different to any group I have been to and its friendly and welcoming”

“I’ve met a new circle of friends – definately the best group I attend – very different from usual toddler groups”

“MOPS has helped me alot with my life changing into being a mum”

“MOPS is a group that is about being a mum and helping you be the best mum you can be”

“MOPS is a place you can go and be yourself and not be judged”

“Go! It is a warm, supportive group which is so friendly. The topics are very interesting and thought provoking and actually very useful. I think sometimes people who have no
relationship with the church may be put off but I felt no pressure at all.”

“Its Fab! Helps keep you sane and gives you the chance to speak to other mums that might be going through the same things as you.”

“A wonderful group to meet new mums, for your children to meet other children, and
where you also get help with your role as a mother.”
“MOPS has truly influenced my life – I’ve found Jesus and plan to live the rest of my life as a Christian. I’m very excited, thank you.”
“MOPS has helped me make more friends, made me feel less isolated and brought me
back to church.”