Regal or Ridiculous?

By Jolita Peterson

(Originally published in a Mom-E-Mail by MOPS International)


From the sublime to the ridiculous, there is but one step – Napoleon

It is a typical family dinner – we are playing my daughter’s favorite game, “Royal Family.” My husband and I reign supreme as King and Queen, five-year-old Sofia is the Princess, and two-year-old Nathan, “da Pince.” Sofia decides that I need a crown to complete my part and Nathan quickly responds, “I get cwown for you, Mummy!” He dashes to the playroom as I wait, impressed by his eagerness to help. He returns, triumphantly holding in his hands, not a crown, but… a clown nose? Apparently there was a communication breakdown over the meaning of “cwown.”   My royal bubble bursts and my queenly reign comes crashing to an end. I pictured being regal, not ridiculous!

I’ve felt this way about motherhood at times. Before becoming a mum, I pictured motherhood as something important and special – a noble calling. Yet as a new mum, my days consumed by nursing, sleeplessness, nappies and drool, I found myself questioning why I’d signed up for this in the first place. Then I found MOPS. There, surrounded by women who were experiencing the same thing I was, I found a safe place to share my conflicted feelings. At the same time, I received a clearer picture of my purpose during this unique season of life. Being part of MOPS helped me see that motherhood truly is a noble calling – and gave me strength and support to handle the less-than-glamorous aspects.

I still often feel more ridiculous than regal, as I spend my days wiping bottoms and noses, picking up dirty socks and reading their favourite book yet one more time. But when I remember that these seemingly insignificant moments are part of the big picture too, I can accept, even embrace them. Perhaps I’ll even dig that crown out of the dress-up box and wear it while I’m folding laundry this afternoon!