What happens in a MOPS Group?

When mums arrive at MOPS, they sign their children into the MOPPETS program. In MOPPETS, children from infancy through to school age experience a caring environment where they learn, sing, play and make crafts.

Once the children are settled mums join a program tailor-made to meet their own needs. They can grab a cuppa and something to eat and not have to share it!

The session includes delving into fantastic topics and chatting them over together  where there are no “wrong answers” and each mum is free to share her joys and struggles with others who understand. In these moments long-lasting friendships are often made on the common ground of finally being understood.

There is also the opportunity to have a go at some great crafts. For mums who are often frustrated by the impossibility of completing anything in their unpredictable days, this can be deeply satisfying!

MOPS enables mums feel refreshed and encouraged in their mothering, knowing that they are not alone. MOPS helps mums to acknowledge that they have needs too, and when they take the time to meet those needs they are happier in their mothering.

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